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My New Blog :)

Hye peeps!!! I've created a new blog since this blog has become series review site and it will remain as such :) Never really notice i had a thing for reviewing thingy.... I just love to share good stories that worth to watch.... Btw, my new blog would be all about me :) >>>> (The Other Side Of Me) ^^

Feel free to check it out :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Warkah Terakhir Rosli Dhoby

Warkah Terakhir is an eight eps of drama series which told the life story of Sarawakian warrior back then in 1950.... Rosli Dhoby... He was sentenced to death for murdering Gov. Duncan George Steward... Guess how old was he back then? Only 17 years old!!!! o.O" The day before he was hung to death, he wrote his last letter.... Among the content of his letter.....

Kepada ibu bapaku yang dimuliai dan ditaati serta dicintai siang dan malam.
1. Selamat berpisah anakanda ucapkan di atas kematian anakanda yang dahsyat. Janganlah diingat-ingat dan dirayukan kerana itu memang sudah nasib dan takdir anakanda yang tak dapat dielakkan dan dimungkirkan lagi.
2. Peliharakanlah adik dan kakak serta semua ahli kita – Berikan segala pelajaran sama ada `Sunat’ atau `Fardu’ kepada mereka.
3. Ampunilah dosa dan kesalahan anakanda dari merah tapak kaki dipelihara ayahanda dan bonda sehingga hari perpisahan anakanda. Dan halalkanlah makan minum anakanda.
4. Selimutilah jenazah anakanda dengan Panji Kebangsaan Sarawak.
5. Segala perkakas tulis menulis, buku dan pakaian anakanda itu, berikan semuanya kepada Adik Aini.
(Datuk Aini Dhoby adalah seorang pengasas Barisan Rakyat Jati Sarawak dalam tahun 1961 bersama dengan Tun Ahmad Zaidi, bekas Ketua Menteri Sarawak ketiga dan Yang Dipertua Negeri Sarawak keempat Tun Abdul Rahman Yaakub, dan Ketua Menteri Sarawak keempat Tan Sri Dr Abdul Taib Mahmud.
Barisan Rakyat Jati Sarawak atau BARJASA kemudian dinamakan Parti Bumiputra Sarawak dan akhirnya, Parti Pesaka Bumiputra Bersatu Sarawak atau PBB)
6. Sementara anak kecil Fatimah, berilah dengan nama ROSLI sempena memperingati anakanda.
7. Sampaikan salam hormat dan maaf serta selamat dari anakanda kepada ibu tua dan bapa saudara anakanda.
8. Ayahanda dan bonda serta ahli keluarga sekalian janganlah lupa mengamalkan kebajikan dan mendirikan sembahyang untuk bekalan istimewa ke alam yang kekal.
Salam sembah dari anakanda.
Rosli Dhoby
1 Mac, 1950
I cant imagine how he must have felt when he wrote the letter... knowing that he'll die the next day... Rosli Dhobby's character in Warkah Terakhir was played well (extremely well) by Beto Kusyairy.... Who is Beto Kusyairy??? 

For me this one drama is a heart wrenching story..... because i never get soooo emotional watching a true story movie or series like this.....  Whether Leftenan Adnan or even Bukit Kepong.... But Beto Kusyairi's acting really get into my heart & making me shed like A LOT of tears especially towards the end of the series terkesan di hati sampey nektok.... At the beginning of the story i was a little bit skeptical because we know Beto is very much older from the character that he's potraying which is 17 years old boy.... But through the story, i was really hooked.... it's like i was looking at Rosli himself.... He's a totally talented actor... Congrats to Beto Kusyairy and i think i would watch every series he's in after this.. I know he starred in Juvana (Gotta go to afterwards :p) and Wasiat with Farid Kamil ensemboi Congrats also to the director & scriptwriter Wan Hasliza for such a good work!!! Garapan yg hebat & jalan cerita yg kemas (will watch her work afterwards oso cuz it's worth :P)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

East of Eden (2008)

East of Eden

The drama is about two men whose fates are crossed from birth.
When Lee Dong Chul (Song Seong Hun) was five years old, his father was killed. He witnessed who the killer was and promised to seek revenge on the man who caused his father's death, Shin Tae Hwan. But unbeknownst to everyone is the fact that Dong Chul's younger brother, Dong Wook, was switched at birth with Tae Hwan's son, Myung Hun, in the hospital. Dong Wook grows up with dreams of becoming a prosecutor to help the family seek revenge on Shin Tae Hwan. But what happens when they find out that they're not brothers? What will Dong Chul do when he finds out that his real brother was raised by Shin Tae Hwan and that the brother that had been beside him all these years is actually the son of his enemy? (source: Wikipedia)

Seriously.. this is the first tym aku layan drama korea genre drama (high profile TV drama) & x berkisarkan chenta semata2.... mostly kisah pengorbanan seorang abang terhadap adik nya..... 56 eps plak... aigoooo... tp bla dah start layan, x berasa plak eps dia pjg... rasa pendek coz all the conflicts in the drama mmg mencengkam jiwa..... x sabar2 nak tgk next ep.... plot cita kemas.... sikit pun xda part yg boring.... kisah pengorbanan abang terhadap adik & family.... pilihan antara chenta yg mula mengetuk pintu hati dan dendam kesumat...... antara ingin memiliki kebahagiaan pertama yg dirasa atau membela kematian ayah yg dibunuh di depan mata? :D
Mula aku layan this story sbb hero nya... song seung hun the hottest korean actor ever ^^ lebih2 lg this is his 1st drama after his 5 years break from entertainment industry.... can't believe he's still that hot... like he didn't even aged.... x berkelip mata nangga cita ya and everytime dia mengalirkan air mata..... aigooooo... i juz feel like hugging him :D
Song Seung Hun as the hero Lee Dong Chul

Selain Seung Hun oppa... ramai lg hotties korea yg sama menjayakan (pahal ayatku skema gilak?) drama east of Eden.... One of it is Kim Bum.... one of the boys from Boys Over Flower.... Kim Bum pegang watak Seung Hun oppa masa muda (15 years old).....  this one pun... aigoooooo..... kiut miut!!!! kan???
Kim Bum as Lee Dong Chul (15 years old) 

Next hottie in line adalah Dennis Oh as Mike.... Korean American yg aku kenal dr drama Witch Yoo Hee as Johny Crooger ^^... in this drama pun dia pgg watak Korean American but as Mike, the Macau Crown Prince... tunang kpd Grace (chenta hati Lee Dong Chul) & bestie kpd hero Lee Dong Chul..... Bapak Grace paksa Grace bertunang dgn Mike coz dia mahu Grace menjadi Macau Crown Princess disamping Mike... Walaupun bapak Grace suka Dong Chul but he felt that Dong Chul did not deserve her since Dong Chul cuma his right hand man......honestly, i like the friendship they have build between Dong Chul & Mike despite the fact that they love the same woman.... Dong Chul merelakan Grace bersama org lain kalau org itu adalah Mike..... Coz dia tahu Mike akan jaga Grace dgn baik... tp Grace x pernah hepi coz asyik teringatkan Dong Chul.... her Forbidden Love....

Dennis Oh as Mike

Next male cast yg xlah hot tp memainkan peranan penting in this drama... i like the plot where in the middle of the story the character grow & changed..... character jahat or antagonist turn out to be good & the good (protagonist) turn out to be bad..... perjalanan kisah these two character and how they've change really interesting..... people say, money is the root of all evil.... is it? from this story, i would say yes... coz bla anak org kaya yg selama 30 thn dibesarkan org miskin kembali ke dunia nya.. he's blinded by money & power.... yg anak org kaya kembali ke family asal nya yg miskin pulak found his clarity & menginsafi segala yg berlaku.....  

Park Hae Jin as Shin Myung Hun (Dong Chul's real  dongsaeng

Yun Joong Hun as Lee Dong Wook (Dong Chul's dongsaeng)

Ok.... enough with the male casts..... now we move on to the heart wrenching love story between Lee Dong Chul & Grace or as he likes to call her, Guk Ja... coz that's what she said her name was to Dong chul when they first met..... like every korean love story the chemistry is always there... and we as the audience would always feel that both the hero & heroine are sooooo cute being with each other... that's how i felt about Dong Chul and Grace..... they are so cute that you don't want them to be apart..... in the beginning of the story, Grace has always be the one who are frank with her emotions and feelings.. she lets everything out... while Dong Chul  always kept his feeling behind..... Grace has always made the first move... she told Dong Chul that she loves him and will wait for him... she even screams that she loves him.... but Dong Chul never once said he loves her..... until in the middle of the story when Grace is prepared to loose everything juz to be with Dong Chul... It's a very romantic moment... where Dong Chul finally said "saranghandagu" at the beach while carrying her on his back....... :)))) These two fought many battles to stay together.... although they parted their ways but they always found ways to be back together.... simply becoz they belong together ^^

After the first day they spent together, Grace gave him her first kiss which shocked Dong Chul and silently stole his heart 
Lee dong Chul finally confessed his love for Grace after she decides to runaway with him

Regardless of the long episodes I was totally hooked with this drama.... hooked til the very end..... it has a lot of morale value that awakened me & gives me new perspectives.....letting me see things from different perspectives..... i juz love this kind of story.. a story that can opened up our minds..... I can't tell everything here.. to know it u have to watch it ^^ here are among the pics of east of Eden... Pictures can tell a thousand words, right? :p

Conflicts & love triangles between characters
Younger brother seeks revenge by using the law while the elder brother seeks justice by breaking it.... how interesting can it be? :p

The badboy Lee Dong Chul.... can't get enough of him :D  How come i owez attracted to the bad one? hurmm...
Grace misses Dong Chul after 3 years being separated and try to reclaim his love but  despite his love for Grace, he pushed her away becoz he cares for her enough to not want to mess up her life due to the promised her father made Dong Chul to agree upon which is never to steal Grace's heart...

P/s: Recommended to watch :D
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ramadhan 2011

It's the 11th day of Ramadhan 2011..... Last Raya was fun.... This time around might not be as same as last year since he's not gonna be around.... Can't help feeling missing some pieces in my life when he's not around.... This Ramadhan i'm thinking of starting a new chapter in my life, close those which needed to be closed and let go of things that should've been gone..... Forgetting all the memories of my weakest point that might deceived me...I need to tightened all loose ends in my life and starts to take things seriously.... Not only in terms of career but also my personal life as well... need to find that balance..... I can't be good in one of it and sucks in the other.... Getting married is the one thing that i've been avoiding.. But the idea of finding the one and only right person that you want to spend your life with forever puts a smile in my face.... But how do you know he's the right person? i asked my friend who's about to get married.... she gave me simple answer, life is a gamble..... huh? for me, life might be a gamble but marriage? i don't think i want to gamble my own marriage... i don't want to end up saying "I regret getting married,".... But i think i can live with the idea of having a special someone to annoy for the rest of my life :) 

I lost my self once.... now i've found my self back...I never want to loose my way again.... have to decide what's the best for the future.... No more fooling around..... we might not know God's plan but I wanna put an effort to make everything better.. to make my life better & meaningful... I'm trying... and i'll go on trying without ever giving up..... Aja!!! ^^

Monday, July 25, 2011

Survey di waktu malam....

1.Favorite crayon color?
- Red
2.Should waffles be the National Food of America?
 - why not?
3.Do dog barks make you cry?
 - No... should they?
4.What are your thoughts about mac and cheese?
- Yummyyy.....
5.Who is your favorite Sesame Street character?
- Elmo ^^
6.Ever talked to yourself?
- Yup...
7.How many points do you have right at the moment?
- 687.... mesra card points... ahakksss....
8.What mood are you in right now?
- Bored...
9.Is your cell phone dead?
 - Nope....
10.Can peas really talk?
- seriously???? ofcoz no... who told u that? :p
11.When was the last time you applied deoderant?
 - This morning...
12.Ever eaten soap?
- Hahahaaa..... No...
13.There is no thirteen question, feel free to say what you would like.
- I hate mondaysss...
14.Do you like fifteen question surveys?
- what izzit again???
15.What are your thoughts on Spongebob Squarepants?
- Cute... reminds me of spanpop... :D

Questions That You Thought You'd Never Be Asked Survey

1.If a blind woman/man started hitting on you, what would you do?
 - Speechless......
2.If your dog peed on your crushes leg, would you be embarassed?
 - I'll laugh.... hahaa.... (penjahat)
3.If you had to chose what your mother would wear for the rest of her life, would you?
- Nope... it's her choice to make...
4.If your best-friend told you that she was going to get a new haircut, that you thought was ugly, would you try to tell her not to?
 - Yes.... she's my friend.... woudn't want her to look like a weirdo...
5.Do you believe in abortion? Why or why not?
- Nope. That's killing innocent life!!! Shame on you!!
6.If you were outside and a red car drove by and started shooting up your block while little children were playing outside, would you save the children if it meant possibly killing yourself?
- i'm not that good yet i wouldn't really know how i'll react...
7.If you were walking on the street and you saw a homeless man sitting on a cardboard box, would you give him some money if you had just gotten your paycheck? Or would you keep walking?
- Yeah.... y not... helping him a little....
8.What would you do if you found out your best-friend stole one of your mom's diamond necklaces?
- Confront her & ask why she did it....
9.If you had a chance to make $200, only, buy stripping for truckers on a corner, would you?
- Hell no.... my pride is priceless...
10.If you get into a fight, or think you might, do you throw the first punch?
- girls don't punch... i'll hit him/her with my handbag.... but i'm not that bad... not everything needs to be settled with violence, right?
11.If yes, did you know that if you throw the first punch and they person you hit would call the police, you could get a big fine, or arrested?
- of course i know..... but sometimes satisfaction matters :D
12.Would you smoke if it meant getting $30, or do you smoke anyways?
- Nope.... i'd like to stay healthy...
13.What would you do if somebody that you didn't know mentioned something about possibly killing themselves?
 - Talk to him.... find out their probs & listen to their difficulties...
14.Would you run down the street naked if it meant earning $150?
 - Nope....
15.Do you consider yourself daring? Tell me of one experience that would prove that you are daring.
 - not a daring person... 
16.If the war in Iraq, became an actual war where America was fighting against Iraq, would you join to help our nation?
 - nope.... can't even pick up a gun... LOL~~~
17.Do you speak your mind? Or do you just keep it to yourself?
- Depends on the situation.... 
18.Would you ever join a gang because you liked the way that they protected their members and the members families?
- No way.... Gang never amaze me... They seem ridiculous sometimes...
19.If you had a chance to go speak to troubled kids, maybe like yourself, and help turn their lives around, would you?
 - Sure.... 
20.When it comes down to it, do you think you should get more respect or should your family?
 - I think.... i get enough respect... we respect others, then others will respect us, right?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

20 Things Guys Shouldn’t Ever Do To Girls & 20 Things Girls Shouldn't Ever Do To Guys (Fair enough, right? ^^)

20 Things Guys Shouldn’t Ever Do To Girls
  1. Make fun of her hair, face, body, or clothes. Seriously, don’t.
  2. Overuse sarcasm. It’s one thing to joke, it’s another to speaker sarcasm as a second language.
  3. Flirt with other girls. It doesn’t make us want you more, it just makes us angry.
  4. Cheat. Never in any way will you get away with it.
  5. Make promises they can’t keep. If you can’t follow through, don’t say it.
  6. Say “I love you” when they don’t mean it. If the girl you “loved” gained 300 pounds, would you still love her? That’s what I thought.
  7. Lie. You will get caught. Don’t ever under any circumstances try to keep a lie going with a girl. It will not work.
  8. Deny things that are true. If a girl confronts you about something, she knows the truth. Denying it makes her more angry. Grow some balls and own up to it.
  9. Pressure her. If she wants to do something with you, she will.
  10. Talk about other girls. Don’t say they’re hot, pretty, or even nice. We don’t want to hear it.
  11. Talk to her about their exes. If you’re saying nice stuff, we’ll assume you still like them, if you say shit, we’ll assume you’ll do the same about us.
  12. Say shit behind her back. No matter how much you try to keep it a secret, she will hear about it.
  13. Be a dick to her in front of their friends. They might think it’s funny, but she will definitely not.
  14. Try to make it look like something was her fault to get yourself out of trouble. It will make things much, much worse.
  15. Ask why she’s mad at you. Say you were wrong and apologize. Do not say you didn’t do anything wrong. If she’s mad, you obviously did something.
  16. Joke about wanting to break up. It won’t be taken as a joke, and you’ll be single before you can tell her you were kidding.
  17. Tell her she’s overreacting. If you thought she was mad before, prepare to meet the she-beast from hell.
  18. Go to parties or hang out with other girls without your girlfriend. No matter how much she trusts you, she will be worried.
  19. Make excuses. If you screwed up, don’t try to get out of it.
  20. Talk to her when you’re mad. You will screw something up and end up regretting it.

20 things girls should never do to guys
1)Play him: guys have emotions too. and girls can be just as big of players as guys. 
2)Not pay attention: guys try to be tough. i’m not going to lie. but when they’re willing to open up their hearts for you, don’t go off with the “omg i know exactly what you mean blah blah (insert your own personal story)”. it means that you’re important to him.
3)Don’t hook up with other guys that he knows: He’ll get really jealous, even if he doesn’t like you. if you talk to him regularly, don’t do anything you’ll regret. he’ll regret it too.
4)Deny his kindness: If he wants to hold doors open for you, pay for you, even carry you when your feet hurt, don’t tell him no. If he likes you, he’ll do so many things for you if you just let him.
5)Deny your beauty: Don’t call yourself ugly in front of him, whether it be because you want a compliment or you actually believe it. if he says you’re beautiful, believe it. That’s how you are to him. and if you want a compliment, all you have to do is hug him, or look at him in the eyes, and you shall get your tales of self beauty from him.
6)Let him go: When you find a guy you like, don’t let him go. if he seems like he’s worth it to you, go for it. chances are you’ll have the time of your life with him, even if it doesn’t last forever.
7)Vent to him and not expect him to like you: Don’t open your hearts, cry to him, run to him for support, or vent to him in any way if you don’t want him to like you. it’ll happen.
8)Don’t treat him like other guys: He’s not a typical guy if he treats you like a princess.
9)Tell him to stay away from the people he loves: Yes, he might be friends with other girls, but if they’re his best friend since he was little, don’t tell him to leave her.
10)Make him stop old habits: If he did drugs before, accept it. it’s not cool for you to change him.
11)Don’t treat him differently in person than through messaging: Don’t go around texting him like you’re in love and he’s your bff, and when you see him in person you say hi once, and leave. it’s fucked up and it confuses him.
12)Don’t not accept his compliments: It’s kinda repeated, but when you say “ew, no i’m ugly”, it makes him feel like he’s doing a bad job at caring for you. trust me.
14)Don’t be afraid to let him “do you” lol: If a guy wants to “eat you out” don’t say no, most of the time he wants to pleasure you without receiving anything in return.
15)Don’t point out his flaws either: If you say “oh look, you have some fat here!” or, “it sucks that you don’t have definition on your arms” it’ll fucking haunt him forever.
16) Don’t make it a contest to see who loves each other more: He doesn’t want to lose, but if he wins he feels like an ass. lose-lose either way, so don’t do it.
17)Don’t act like he’s a robot: He’s human, he cries, he screams, he can feel physical and emotional pain, he has limits and he can only control so much. don’t push him.
18)Go on adventures with him: He’ll protect you as much as he can, so don’t worry to wander off, it usually ends up being the time of your life.
19) DRUGS: Drugs can do so much, yet so little. depending on who you are and who you’re with drugs can add a little bit of edge. there’s nothing like going to an alternate reality and exploring with your lover. 
20) EVERY GUY MASTURBATES. DON’T JUDGE HIM: Every guy does it, at some point, no matter who they are, they will reach a moment in their lives where they do it on a daily basis, and they won’t care where. so don’t make fun of him.
P.S.) if he says he loves you more, and he’s not a tool or drunk or high, It’s true.